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Snowpiercer: The Escape Titan Comics graphic novel review

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Snowpiercer: the Escape


I had a amazing chance to review Snowpiercer from Titan Comics. The graphic novel that inspired the movie that is out right now by the same name, Snowpiercer. The graphic novel is written by Jacques Lob with art by Jean-Marc Rochette. The graphic novel is about a train that holds the last of the surviving human race. The train of one thousand and one carriages hold everyone from the president, to the milliary, the 1st class, and the ghettos. The weather outside is freezing and no one could survive outside the train. The Snowpiercer is on a never ending journey through the snow and ice, and the people inside are fighting a battle to stay alive.

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At first the story started off slow. There was just a lot of talking and the art made it hard to keep up with who everyone was. Because of the art and the fact that everyone wore the same clothes just about everyone looked almost the same. But once the story really got started you could tell that the story wasn't about the main characters. The story makes you think. Not just about what would happen if we were stunk in the same position, but about the world in general. The story points out all the bad things people do when they have more money than others and nothing else to do. It helps you see what is wrong with the world when people only care about themselves and not the less fortunate.

If you are looking for a book to make you think and see the world in a different light, then this one is definitely a good choice to read. It's a great science fiction read that will keep you thinking for days. Maybe it will even change the way you look and treat the world. Go pick up Snowpiercer today from Titan Comics.