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"Snooze" the day away

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery


Upon walking into Snooze in Del Mar, I left uptight suburbia and entered the far away land of "Vibe City" as Assistant Manager Justin Fritsch called it. Snooze, located first in the Ballpark Neighborhood of Denver, CO, was followed by its seven other locations in Ft. Collins, Boulder, South Glen, Hillcrest, Del Mar, Phoenix, as well as another Denver restaurant.

The Fall Menu. There is a menu for each season that is made to accompany the current season's produce. Made on recycled paper, the menu are small for easy use, but full of lots of yummy choices.
Jazmin Allen-Collins
Snooze, Del Mar
Jazmin Allen-Collins

The owner, John Schlegel, and his brother Adam started a small pancake and coffee house that soon grew into the hoppin', vibin' place it is now. Between the creative dishes, eclectic staff, and old school, throwback music, Snooze is the place to be no matter where you are.

Del Mar's location is housed in what used to be an IHOP. And while many who had grown up with the chain pancake house were bummer to see the only breakfast place go, they were not disappointed with its replacement. As you enter Snooze, you find yourself surrounded by a retro theme from the cool colors, to the music, to the high-back booths complete with Jacks embroidered on the pleather. Much like other time-warp diners and eateries, Snooze has everything to take you back to the good ol' days--with a new school twist.

This retro breakfast shoppe has a staff and, even better, a menu that will equally make you forget all your cares. The staff at Snooze will help you reign it in when you figure out you want everything on the menu. Changing every season, the Fall menu (which just changed slightly Jan. 22) makes you all warm and fuzzy inside with treats like Sweet Potato and Carrot Cake pancakes. Or maybe you're looking for something less sweet. With six or seven types of Eggs Benedict, you can't go wrong. However, if you do, the staff is there to hold your hand--maybe even literally if you ask them. They are very accommodating.

For those with allergies, be not afraid! Nut allergies? No problem. Allergic to gluten? They'll "take great care to prepare just about anything on the menu for you separately" said both the Assistant Manager and Executive Chef Matt Lieurance. Whatever you need, Snooze is all about "great food, great people, and a great atmosphere".

And for you morning drinkers out there, they've got just what you need to spice up your breakfast or brunch--literally. Their signature Bloody Marys are made with in-house infused jalapeno vodka. (Let that soak in.) But, perhaps it's a more mellow morning. Try Snooze's signature Mmm Mmm Mamosa made with Evolution OJ.

What started as just "hitting the Snooze button" is now the talk of all seven towns it's popped up in. With a traditional first-come-first-serve basis, it's best to get there early, or at the very least put your name on the list. You won't want to miss the party!

Check out the pictures to see the delicious food and awesome staff.