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'Snake And Mongoo$e' DVD Review

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Snake And Mongoo$e


The rivalry that brought an obscure sport to the forefront of the American racing scene. 'Snake and Mongoo$e' tells the story of Don "The Snake" Prudhomme (Jesse Williams) and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen and their rise in the Drag Racing World. From the early days of the 1960's to the glory days of the 1970's. In the beginning it was hard to make a decent buck but when Tom McEwen approaches Mattel to sponsor the two racers and promote the Hot Wheels car line for kids, it takes off. It was never really big money like Indy or Stock car racers but it was a good living. The travel took its toll especially on the marriage of Tom McEwen but in the end the racing world gained two legends.

The story is true and the racing is fast. The action is quick but it is good. This is a racing movie but it is not just about the track. The film goes into the personal lives of two competitors who actually liked each other even when they didn't want to.

Ashley Hinshaw, Kim Shaw, Fred Dryer, Ian Ziering, and Tim Blake Nelson round out the cast. The acting is good and honest. The cast as a whole is quite good and enjoyable to watch.

Anchor Bay Films brings these two legends to you on April 8,2014 to your local DVD outlet. The quality of the DVD is excellent. The visual and sounds are quite good and you feel as if you are on the track.

I remember as a child enjoying the heck out of my Hot Wheels racers and it was even more enjoyable seeing the Snake and Mongoose on the track racing. These two men helped bring Drag Racing to the nation. ABC sports was a big fan of the Nationals and always showed it on TV.

This is one DVD that you need for your library. If only to say that you have it but also to say that you enjoy watching it. The beauty is that you don't have to be a fan of Drag racing to enjoy the film, but it does help. So take the time and get out there and pick up this DVD and enjoy watching the show.