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Smothered Chicken Quinoa Skillet Review

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Smothered Chicken and Quinoa Skillet Recipe


Quinoa has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years due to its high protein content and general "super food" qualities. Consequently, it's been popping up in a lot of recipes all over the internet, often taking the place of rice.

In this delicious-looking Mexican food inspired dish, quinoa stars alongside chicken and beans to create a delicious and nutritious, protein-packed meal. But does this recipe from Healthy. Delicious. taste as good as it looks? (Follow link to try it for yourself!)

This Examiner put it to the test along with her roommate, and the verdict is that it's pretty darn good. When all is said and done, this recipe earns a four star review. Here's why:

The instructions in the recipe are, for the most part, clear and easy-to-follow, although it should be noted that the original recipe doesn't mention whether the quinoa should be simmered covered or uncovered. Having put it to the test, covering the quinoa is recommended to help it fully absorb the liquid and cook through.

The only other changes that would be suggested to improve upon the dish would be a sprinkle of cilantro and a squeeze of lime, to help heighten the Mexican flavors in the dish and really make it pop. All in all, though, this is definitely making it on the list of recipes to repeat.