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Smooth trip down "Honeyspot Road"

Honeyspot Road leaves out the spice, but leaves in the hoppyness and fruityness one desires from a white IPA
Two Roads Brewing Company

Two Roads Honeyspot Road White IPA


In a previous article, it was mentioned that Massachusetts and Connecticut seem to be opening their borders to each other's beer. Connecticut is about to enjoy Jack's Abby this June, and Massachusetts now gets to enjoy Two Roads Brewing Company from Stratford, Connecticut, specializing in India Pale Ales, such as the Belgian-style white IPA Honeyspot Road, a clean, crisp beer that let's the drinker know that summertime is just around the corner.

Honeyspot Road White IPA, named for the exit that leads to the brewery, looks like a typical white ale, with a pale yellow color that is reminiscent of Hoegaarden, except with a less effervescent head. Still, the head, though slightly thin out of the bottle, has the lemony bitter notes that one would expect from a white IPA. Yet unlike Hoegaarden, it doesn't hit the drinker with spice upon drinking it, but rather a smooth hoppy flavor that comes from a blend of wheat and fruity hops. The lemon notes remain in the beer, but paired with a smooth hop blend that makes for a clean, crisp drink-ability that doesn't weigh heavily on the tongue like other IPAs might.

The only downside about the beer is that the finish is a bit of a bump on the road. Despite it sitting cleanly on the palate, it leaves an unappealingly bitter aftertaste on the back of the tongue that is fairly difficult to shake. Even still, it's a solid beer that is best enjoyed on those long, hot summer days (even if the past few days didn't feel like it up here in Massachusetts), and it's worth checking out.

Welcome to Massachusetts, Two Roads Brewing!