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Smooth talk about Four Corners and More LLC cedar rub

Four Corners and More LLC Cedar Rub


Bright Blessings.

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We continue our Pagan product and business review today by looking at Four Corners and More Cedar Rub. Many in this readership may have experienced the delightful mastery of this one woman business by attending her Annual Women's Getaway Weekend Awaken Your Inner You! FREE Seminars and Workshops facilitated by the owner, N'ish Tuwa O'Teanea.

You also may have seen her last year at Lansing Pagan Pride Day, where she offered massage crystal therapy and buffalo healing. She was also a vendor at ConVocation 2013.

The Cedar Rub is described by the maker as

"a proprietary blend of cedar, juniper, mint, ladies thumb, avocado, safflower, almond, jojoba herbs and oils, bees wax, and steric acid."

That is quite a lot to blend. But the question is "does it work". And the answer?


This salve did wonders for the chronic asthmatic who used it, specifically this writer. Formulated by a Natural Medicine practitioner, this blend is both fragrant without being abrasive, and easily applied. She also is one of the many Native American business owners in the Pagan community.

For those unfamiliar with the term salve, it is basically the same thing you use when you grab the Vick's Vapor Rub style products. Medicinal oils, and sometimes herbs as well, as infused into a base and applied to the body for the purpose of a soothing or healing effect. Unlike a poultice, it is broken down in form and meant to be slathered onto the body.

The consistency of the salve is thicker than most over the counter salves one would find in the allopathic battery of medicinals. After one year's time, it is still effective. The ingredients have not gone rancid, and the product remains stable. Even normal summer heat did not break it down.

The four ounce size was priced at $26.50, which for those not familiar with what they are getting seems a little high. However, for those familiar with the work and care with which the product is made, the longevity of the shelf life, and the amount of uses that one can actually garner from it, it is very reasonable indeed.

This product rates and enthusiastic thumbs up.

For more information on how products like this are made, you may wish to read "A Kid's Herb Book: For Children of All Ages" by Lesley Tierra. This book is on my own shelf and is a great resource for everyone.

Blessed Be.

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