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Smooth criminal

Jailhouse Misdemeanor


Whether you're a beer swigging hipster, a light brew sipper, or a game day guzzler, you've probably heard about Taco Mac's impressive collection from around the U.S. and the world. And if that isn't enough to make you want to wet the whistle, they reward you for drinking different Duffs from around the world. In the spirit of broadening ones horizons and the age group most commonly associated with beer, Taco Mac named this system Brewniversity.

No. 28 on my list of exotic brown elixirs was Misdemeanor by Jailhouse Brewing Company out of Hampton, Georgia. According to, Misdemeanor is a “medium-bodied amber ale with a balanced caramel sweetness and a heft of biscuit overtones. Balanced with a combination of earthy hop varieties from the Willamette Valley.” The Willamette Valley is located in the great northwestern state of Washington.

Misdemeanor is 5.5% Alcohol by volume (ABV). The brew has a caramel almost-golden color to it. The carbonation is light and feels more like a pleasant tickle. The head has a cloud-like thickness and the flavor has a sweet reminisce of a Twix candy bar. Misdemeanor has a smooth taste with a very subtle, slightly bitter after flavor.

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