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Small or Light Beer must tries...part 2 - Sankaty Light

Nice Light Lager
Cisco Brewers

Sankaty Light Lager


You know I've been pushing small beers this hot and heavy summer, and you're probably tired of the pitch and just want to go back, pucker up and slug down that big old frosty IPA on your fridge door...and then another and another. You also know that you'll be feeling the effects in the middle of night as your mouth feels like box of dry rusty nails and your breath reeks of grapefruity booze. When morning finally arrives your head is pounding your mind dull.
And that is because you refused to listen.
Sankaty Light should be on everyone's Must Try Light Beer list!
12oz brown bottle served in a pils glass.
It pours a shiny golden color with a fizzy/spritzy snow-white head. Lots of lacing rims the glass on the way down...and it goes way down fast!
The crisp smell of Noble hops fades somewhat quickly. A nice lingering whiff of wild flowers follows, as does a light smell of pennies. A smell of dried hay and minor whiff of fresh cut oak rolls in behind.
There's surprisingly more to the flavors than in the aromas. In fact, there's quite a bit of flavors for a beer of only 128 calories. This is a hop forward lager and the tastes of citrus zest, resins and slight metallic bite slide in on a somewhat thin, seltzery malt body. And this is not to suggest there's a problem with a beer body being thin. Hell, the German, Belgian and English brewers have been brewing small/light beers forever. And they brew these beers to be more drinkable and refreshing on a hot day, or when you feel in need a short beer break, but have things to do afterward...especially where you need to think coherently or carry out some physical tasks.
Nice beer!

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