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SM Reine's 'Witch Hunt' is fast paced urban mystery fantasy

Witch Hunt by S M Reine


In "Witch Hunt", SM Reine's first book in her Preternatural Affairs series, Cesar Hawke is an investigator with a secret organization - the Office of Preternatural Affairs - which tries to stop demons, angels and witches from bad acts. Usually he is out capturing witches.

Today, however, is shaping up to be a really bad day. First, he wakes up in his apartment after a night of drinking tequilla to find Erin, a beautiful waitress dead in his bath and her DNA in scratch marks in his skin, then the cops come busting down his door and arrest him, and he ends up locked up in a local jail, but his "allies" in the OPA are not coming to get him out of jail because they think he also killed Erin.

Hawke decides to help himself, eats a witch spell and breaks out of jail. He wants to figure out who framed him. He tries to locate Isobel Stonecrow, an illegally practicing necrocognitive, who can speak to the dead. He wants Isobel to speak to Erin and figure out who killed her. Naturally, the plan goes awry, and Isobel uses a pesky biblical spell on Hawke to get away.

Hawke tries to get his partner Suzy to help out, but she just wants him to run away.

Finally, Hawke has to visit Helltown, the demonic center of town, where the evil incubi live feeding on people. It turns out that Hawke had rescued his sister years ago from Helltown.

There will be run ins with evil members of the OPA, demons, and incubi, quick magic spells, necromancy and plenty of action, thrills and chases as Hawke and Isobel try to figure out who framed Hawke for Erin's murder. Its an action packed short novel.

Great for the beach.