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'Slugterra: Heroes Of The Underground' DVD Review: Adventure at its best

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'Slugterra: Heroes Of The Underground'


Our heroes Eli Shane and the Shane Gang are traveling through Slugterra's 99 caverns. They want to watch a movie at an icy drive inn but an ice ogre awakes. Eli is about to take on the ice ogre. Problem is if you shoot a slug at the ogre he grows and grows. Billy and his Hula Gang show up right about now and cause more chaos for Eli and the gang. The two gangs have never gotten along and Billy is always trying to get the best of Eli. The gang starts to shoot at the ogre and each time a slug hits it the larger it becomes.

Eli realizes what's going on and starts to get his gang together. He tells them to stop shooting the ice ogre and they try to hide in the concession. Billy on the other hand is out there trying to shoot the ogre and make a name for himself. He tells one of Eli's gang to film him killing the ogre. All he really does is make the creature larger and larger.

Eli see the projectionist get caught by the ogre and rushes out to help him. He is able to get him away from the ogre and finds out that the only thing that will do something to the ogre is a slug siren . The music it makes puts the ogre to sleep. Eli tries to find the siren and in the end finds many of them. As the siren stops its song many other ogres arise from their sleep and go after Eli. Trying to get back to his friends Eli has picked up a single siren and makes his way back down the cavern. In pursuit are the awakened ogre's and it doesn't look good for our heroes. Finish watching the DVD and you can find out the outcome of all this adventure.

'Slugterra; Heroes of the Underground' comes to the general public March 04, 2014. The DVD is of the highest quality both in sound and visual. The action in each and every episode will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Slugterra is being brought to us by the Shout! Factory. So get ready and head back underground and enjoy all the adventures simply at your finger tips. Have Fun.