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Slow Burn Theatre's brand strategy wins with rock opera 'Chess'

'Chess the Musical' is a must for South Florida musical theatre lovers.
'Chess the Musical' is a must for South Florida musical theatre lovers.
Slow Burn Theatre

'Chess the Musical' at Slow Burn Theatre


Broadway Global shares the little theatre company that could, as Slow Burn Theatre breaks box office records this opening week of "Chess". There is no other award winning theatre in Florida that would even dare to produce "Chess". Slow Burn Theatre should be supported for their brave choices of musicals produced in the fun in the sun arts destination, South Florida. "Chess the Musical" has long been a favorite for its' melodic, cleverly executed, difficult vocal score with die hard theatre opponents around the globe. The champion of this "Chess" game is the local arts community, those that support Slow Burn Theatre's efforts producing stage works that have never been seen before in South Florida. There are very good reasons that Slow Burn Theatre is on Theatre Chat's #1 VIP A to Z list.

While the musical lyrics do share some history on "Chess", the story is much deeper, it's not just about the game of "Chess", it's about politics, love of country, relationships... and we are all just the pawns in this brilliant score, with lyrics by Tim Rice and Music by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. The book by Richard Nelson has had some issues from London to the Broadway version, so putting that aside, Slow Burn Theatre cast rocks the score! Enjoy "Chess" in a full scale production by this gifted cast that are sharing some of the best musical songs ever written. The few script changes that have been made work better than the Broadway version, for those who may have seen the show before.

"Amy Miller Brennon (Florence) singing "Nobody's Side", "Mountain Duet", "Heaven Help My Heart", "I Know Him So Well", "You and I", are all reasons to buy tickets now!" Broadway Global. Matthew Korinko (Anatoly) singing "Anthem", "Where I Want to Be", "You and I" with Amy (Florence) are just more icing on the cake. Now take Rick Pena (Freddie) belting "Pity the Child" and Carla Bordonada (Svetlana) singing "I Know Him So Well" with Amy and you have pure "Chess" magic. Chances are, that you will never hear the beautiful "Chess" score in Florida anytime soon or in the near future, so defect from Russia, do whatever it takes, get to Slow Burns Theatre's production of "Chess". Please note "Chess" moves to Aventura on its' last week of performances. So Florida you have no excuse to miss this production of "Chess" offered in two locations.

The entire cast of "Chess" includes Amy Miller Brennan (Florence), Matthew Korinko (Anatoly), Rick Pena (Freddie), Carla Bordonada (Svetlana), Elvin Negron (Molokov), Conor Walton (Arbiter), Sean Dorazio (Walter), Ann Marie Olson (Pawn), Kaitlyn O'Neill (Pawn), Kaela Antolino (Pawn), Jaime Kautzmann (Pawn), Bruno Vida (Pawn), Hugo Moreno (Pawn), Elijah Davis (Pawn) and Spencer Perlman (Pawn).

Although the black leather costume theme looked sexy on some, especially working best for Conor Walton (Arbiter), a choice of two colors would work best in costuming "Chess". The Americans should be in one color, and Russian cast in another color, this would help clarify contrast of Country and teams. But again, go for this brilliant music. "If you are looking for theatre company with heart and passion for the art, look no more! Slow Burn Theatre's brand strategy wins with the pop/rock opera Chess." Theatre Chat.

Slow Burn Theatre also wins this game with Director/Choreographer Patrick Fitzwater. Patrick gets theatre, understanding every element from sets, lights, sound and creating movement for our local artists that allows them to look clean. Mr. Fitzwater's use of streamers, ribbon, moving set pieces allow for levels bringing energy to the songs and show. This fairly new theatre company, created with local talents has no need to cast Broadway credited actors from NYC. They execute the demanding musical theatre pieces, paying local professional artists and offer unique new shows for South Florida arts lovers.

The multi-level set by Carbonell Award winning Sean McClelland is reminiscent of recent Broadway shows that now incorporate video screens. Video Designer Andy Fiacco brought modern technology adding to the global story. The lighting Design by Lance Blank offers hazers that bring concert lighting effects that even some of our local theatre venues have not embraced yet. Sound Designer Guy Haubrich, Master Electrician Abhi Saini, House Manager Cheryl Crout. The live orchestra must be commended with Music Direction by Manny Schvartzman, Nick Trotogott (Drums/Percussion), Wallace E. McMurray Jr. (Trumpet), Zack Auslander (Gutar), Ivan Prilepchanski (Violin), and Ranses Colon (Bass).

Special thanks to Slow Burn Theatre leaders Patrick Fitzwater and Matthew Korinko (Co-Artistic Directors), Mark Traverso (President), Beth Schwartz (Treasurer/CFO) and Deborah Marks (Secretary/Legal Counsel). These are theatre producers that Broadway Global would love to honor someday. Why? Because they have embraced local venues, talents, new works, producing shows with high quality production values without extreme budgets. Slow Burn Theatre is actively seeking to expand its' Board of Directors. If you love theatre and are able to dedicate time and resources, contact the artistic team for this open door, an opportunity to support arts in your community of South Florida. For more information and tickets visit Slow Burn Theatre Company has two current venues please verify your show location when purchasing tickets.