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"It's scary, I thought you were going to turn me in for a minute there," said the guilty young man.


By Julie D. Griffin

What teenager hasn't lied to his or her parents about sleeping over a friend's house and instead really planned to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend at a local hangout? The teenagers in "sleepover" are no exception. A night of innocent fun turns deadly."
Turner Classic Films

The 1995 film about a group of teenagers who learn a lot of important lessons about feeling eternal and how fast the myth of the invincible teenager turns fatal after the automobile accident born of careless responsibility and other natural disasters crop up after a number of seeds those who planted them by choice suffer. It seems the innocent who the evil knowing ones tried to lead astray though did finally come out the victors on the survivor island of the Long Beach, CA. film focus. All cheesy teenager films aside, the story like a small town documentary offers some real live action. After one young man busts out a television at a diner with his fist, as the group of teens he drives away from the diner complain and want to go back to check on the hurt young boy he socked and left laying to die, he tells them all to just shut up. He starts singing a song to the gang telling them this way that he thinks he does not care about anyone except himself. "Sing of good things, not bad," He tells them singing as if some sick parody song of moldy praise to a paper god who does not listen to the suffering of the one now far away. His ready vision gives way to kay sara sara, whatever will be will be, and who cares anyway as nothing matters, "La la la la la, la la la la la la."

Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil. He advises the group not to speak about anyone or anything bad, and despite the very fact that the boy just used his fist to sock someone else half to death. Oh, stay on the sunny side of life he advises his girlfriend on another evening and more or less after she complains about hating all of her classes. As a babysitter of her little sister, who she left by the car where parked away from the beach, "Do you notice anything different about me?" Another young teenager who tries the myth of changing his natural ethnic side to fit with the others, throws a ball against a pole with a prayer to change who he is so the girl he has a crush on will accept him more. He likes her and something most adults don't consider, all the confusion a young adult has to deal with due to every thing else going on around them with the adult world. The world, and with all there is of it, so much to reconcile. And with two weeks such a short window on a family visit ~ The music says a lot more about what the lives of each film character wants to say. And the film has a wide variety of songs used. The best scene has a cop. A car pulls up. The party over, Brook just wants to go home and get under the covers after that. Just stay out of trouble. The cop unknowing protects the bad boy from consequences he should incur, from responsibility he should face, and from trouble he alone earned fair and square all by himself. The crafty boy just seems to know how to cover up some bad. "I'm telling you," he brags as he drives away. "I've got to be a famous actor someday."