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SLAVA'S Snowshow adds excitement to Arsht Center

The seven clowns.
The seven clowns.
Courtesy of the Arsht Center.

A play, SLAVA'S Snowshow


It's no wonder that SLAVA'S Snowshow was created by Russian-born Slava Polunin. Not solely because of the most obvious reason – his name being part of the show's title, but because Polunin’s inspirations and influences include Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, and Engibaro – some of the most famous silent performers of all time.

Much like his iconic predecessors, Polunin’s characters are able to impart a universe of emotions through their expressions, be it a smirk, a frown, a shrug, or a howl. You can tell by the performances of Polunin's clowns that he has been trying to reclaim the “art” of clowning since he was just 17 years old, establishing his own theater company in 1979. From that starting point, he took his circus to the streets and to major theaters around the world, wowing audiences with his flair for the dramatic.
Produced by David J. Foster and Ross Mollision, SLAVA'S Snowshow is now playing in Miami Arsht Center following sold-out engagements in Buenos Aires Mexico City, Barcelona, Madrid, London, and New York. This is truly a must-see show for all ages. Slava's Snow Show is a one of a kind experience everyone should behold.

Now for the show...

We attended last night's performance and were caught off guard by everything we saw. We could not have expected the unexpected, from tons of snow falling about to umbrellas that squirt water to explosions, to an incredible music score – it was alive and interactive and atmospheric and brilliant all at once.

Perhaps the most impressive part was at the end when dozens if not hundreds of balls – from basketball size to boat size – were released into the audience. Thousands of people both young and old jumped and dived and stretched to make sure they hit at least one ball. You have to see it to believe it. Fortunately for you, Slava's Snow show will be playing at the Arsht Center until August 25th.

The Arsht Center is located at 1300 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132
For more information, call (305) 949-6722