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Sky King: Morose Tales from the Left Coast

Morose Tales from the Left Coast


The album begins with "Poor House". This is a solid blues-rock song accented with some great horns. The vocals are growled as much as sung, and the lyrics tell a classic story of a man who's so broke he'll steal a dollar from your grandma.

Morose Tales from the Left Coast is available now
Courtesy of Doug Deutsch PR

This band shows a variety of styles in its music. You'll hear a lot of funky bass lines as in the song "Hollywood." You'll hear some organ reminiscent of Booker T and The MGs. The band also provides healthy doses of soulful horns. The result is a sound that defies easy classification, although blues-rock would be a good place to file this. Still, the band goes way beyond blues-rock. Take the closing track "Alone" for example. This is a well-orchestrated song whose harmonies bring America (the band, not the country) to mind. The Moody Blues is another band that springs to mind, particularly with the layers of sound at the end of the song.

Morose Tales from the Left Coast is very well done. If you're a fan of blues-rock, this album will fit really well into your collection.