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Skip After Burner Climax if you are looking for a nostalgic gaming experience

After Burn Climax


Sega released the original After Burner in arcades during the 80s. Many Fans of one of the early flight combat simulator can download an updated version from the Google Play market. When someone starts the game, she finds that it is true to the original, but there are a many flaws that prevented an enjoyable experience.

Sega’s developers forgot to take into account the smaller screens of most mobile devices. A player cannot determine exactly where the enemy planes are located. Gamers looking for a touch of nostalgia can get a much better experience by playing the original game on an emulator.

The poor controls that confuse the player detract from rather impressive graphics. Unfortunately, a visually stunning game will not interest anyone if it is not fun to play. If Sega decided to release an updated title designed for mobile devices, they would have an impressive title.

After Burner Climax was an interesting idea, and it even includes new features. Unfortunately, the author uninstalled it from her tablet quickly after the first level. The game’s flaws were simply too obvious. It earns one out of five stars.