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'Skin' unites burlesque with malesque in one-hour variety show

"Skin" at Kansas City Fringe Festival


When a person goes to a burlesque show, he or she knows exactly what to expect, singing, dancing, variety acts, comedy, and yes, Skin. That’s the ticket. That’s the deal. It’s “Skin” at the the Kansas City Fringe Festival production taking place on city stage in historic Union Station.

Skin is a combination of burlesque and malesque in the Kansas City 2014 Fringe Festival.
Dave Michael and courtesy of KC Fringe Festival
"Skin" combines burlesque and malesque in hour-long show.
Dave Michael and courtesy of KC Fringe

“Skin” brings all that to the stage and is excited audience. A cast of about seven persons perform the traditional types of acts associated with a burlesque review. There’s belly dancer. There’s a stripper. There’s a singer. There’s a master of ceremonies. There are male strippers. There’s a master of ceremonies who eats fire. There’s a Sally Rand style fan dancer. It’s all included in a one-hour review in the KC Fringe production of “Skin.”

Old-time burlesque shows always featured women doing striptease. But after the 1970s and 80s body versions of Chippendale’s dancers, male strippers have become a focal point of burlesque shows. Such is the case with this show. The two male dancers both perform strip numbers, and like all Burlesque it’s more tease than raunch.

Similarly, the girls also tease more than expose. Both women and when stripped down to a small G string, and the women never reveal anything behind the pasties. That’s the spirit of Burlesque. It’s a tease. “Skin” remains true to that art form and teases throughout. The show is adult oriented yes, but certainly not X-rated nor anything a mature teen or older would find offensive. Get with it. It’s fun.

The cast includes: Emery Woods, a belly dancer; Shirley Ja Jest, a fan dancer; Nada Von Darling, fan dancer, exotic dancer; Zion, exotic and comedy dance; Big J, exotic dance; Scarlett Harlett, vocal and exotic tease; Paul Craig as master of cememonies and fire-eater.

Shirley Ja Jest and Nada Von Darling co-produced the show that is a collaboration between Men of Skin and De' Allure a.k.a. SKIN.

The show if fun to watch and enjoy. It runs just shy of an hour in Union Station on City Stage, next to the Fringe 411 office. Tickets can be purchased at the door or through the KC Fringe website.

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