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Skid Row Rocked, the Deep Heart of Texas!

Skid Row and Guests Live at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas


There once was a band, born in New Jersey and they are known as Skid Row! Within a decade this band sold 20 million copies of their solidifying first three albums. The story of an enduring success, is a band that picks up that baton and finishes the race...Skid Row is racing forward and not yet ready for the finish line!

Image slideshow from Skid Row live, closing out their 2013 tour at Warehouse Live, in Houston - featuring Junk and Faster Pussycat.
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections
Johhny Solinger fronted Skid Row in his home state of Texas, at Warehouse Live.
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections

As of 2010, there were some final adjustments made and this current line up is undoubtedly, the Skid Row of the now and yet to come! Changes in the line up have only kept this heartbeat pounding with Johnny Solinger on lead vocals and Rob Hammersmith on the drums added to the core of: Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo. All five great gentlemen that know how to rock and do it so well!

Being a fan that has seen Skid Row play live since 1989, I can honestly say that this progression is a successful one and it is better than ever. Rolling strong with Mr. Solinger at the helm since 1999, the only way to see for yourselves is to catch a show on this tour that, yes, is still continuing. Next up on the Skid docket is Australia and more, so keep up on dates here to not miss any.

This has been truly successful in not only solidifying themselves as an American Rock staple; but, they have only just begun to write an entirely new page in music history. Skid Row had just completed a long European leg of this tour that has already run pretty much as long as these five gents struck chords together, with simple breaks in between legs of touring. Skid Row sold out every date across the pond (most with Ugly Kid Joe) and returned to the States for two dates in the state of Texas; which is home to Johnny Solinger. We were fortunate enough to be invited to capture the final show, at Warehouse Live, just before Santa made his rounds.

There is an EP out currently and available for sale and download formats as well, this is a a lovely fresh take on a classic recipe and it sounds even better, live. Sample United World Rebellion - Chapter One.

The way these brothers are playing together on a stage right now, they are obviously playing and doing something musical all the time. This level of interaction and ease to simply enjoying what you do and having the time and opportunity to live doing it -- and making it work on all fronts, is truly an amazing feat within today's industry. Stay tuned as well, as there is more new stuff coming shortly and a full length release, hopefully, will also bring more dates right here in the States!

This final date on the roster, in Houston, was a real gem of a treat for any lifer of a Skid Row fan as this band is still loved deep in the heart of American rock fans. Just under one quarter of a century together and sounding better, tighter and more united as a team within the roster than this fan can recall.

There was a good vibe in Houston and a great show on the docket. The first opening act was a wicked trio of sound, known as Junk and they hail from Dallas, Texas. Visually this band tips their hats to the music past, with the guitarist Billy Blair, sporting an 'Ant' style strip across his face and nose, but black in color and thinner. The bass player Benjamin Bachman, in attitude and style of performing brought hints of a younger Joe Strummer to the brain!

A glimpse of past influences, possibly, but in a fresh and harder sense in the delivery and very well done, The drummer, Rico, drives this band to the hilt and that is key to the power of these three on a stage. All original, 'in your face', heavy rock with a great stage presence in their live show...check out Junk right here.

Next to the stage, were the Glam pros of Faster Pussycat, still rocking it almost thirty years later! One thing is for sure with Faster Pussycat and Taime Downe out front, the show must go on and it still does in grand fashion. They were a great preparation band for the Skid crowd for this evening and it may be why Faster Pussycat does accompany Skid Row quite a bit on these dates and thank goodness they do! The future has presented itself to Glam Rock as it has all genres across the industry and bands like Faster Pussycat and Skid Row show example as to how bands solidified in rock history can still endure and sell out dates in 2014 and beyond. Part of this success is in the live show that is shared with the enduring fans and in many cases, the children of fans now attend and past generations get to catch up and fly the future with these talented road touring souls.

There was a boost in the electricity within Warehouse Live, as next this packed house all awaited the tour selling machine that Skid Row has worked to become since the addition or Rob Hammersmith on their kit, in 2010. These five lads have released music and toured semi-non stop over the last few years and it was great to have the opportunity to travel to yet another state to experience the live show of Skid Row and to witness the love returned from their fans, after all these years.

This was out third stop to capture on this tour, upon different legs and before, during and after the release of this latest EP: United World Rebellion - Chapter One (*with chapter two coming). It all started at the Cape Coral Legends of Rock Tour, in 2012 and one later date at Club LaVela, along Panama City Beach. This stop was different entirely, as this band had just accomplished great success selling out Europe, yet again, and were celebrating their feat; yet still in that zone as a band where things are yet to come and they are not stopping anytime soon!

Skid Row is on their best channel to date, as this band has found the 'unit' that a band should be in order to create freely and successfully. This show proved that undoubtedly, in this fan's eyes and ears. This line up can lay out the cemented favorites of the classic Skid singles, as well as slamming us with the new flavor that Skid Row is presenting withinin this time in music. The crowd still sings the lyrics clearly and loudly with Johnny and crew, so they still got it!

Each member of Skid Row thanked this crowd, for their support over the years - mixed of middle aged fans and those barely in their twenties, discovering this show. In the process too, each lead the band in their own favored single to rip into live, so it was a great thing to take in. These gents of Skid Row are happy, smiling, laughing and playing so well together that it is a sin to miss it on a stage. Stop by the Skid Row website for all the latest that is Skid Row and find some dates in the States to take it in, right here.

There are a few more articles to come on Skid Row and this past year that we are so fortunate to have shared or captured at all, so stay tuned. We are very blessed to cover the shows we have these past two years and there are favored shows along our journey, but the best photo pit on tour is crowned with Skid Row!

Special thanks out to: Skid Row - Rob Hammersmith, Johnny Solinger, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo for always making room for us! This was the one of the best shows to date and we are grateful to have shared it at all. Thanks to Faster Pussycat, Junk, Warehouse Live, Blackhorse Limo and the city of Houston for a great trip, show and experience! We can only hope to see you all in the future again! Your future sounds great out here, so thank you, again.

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Sample the EP and purchase: United World Rebellion - Chapter One


See what the future has brought to your seasoned favorites in live music, it is a wonderful thing!

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