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Six ways to keep the "Little" in your girl - book review

Our girls grow so fast, we need coaching to help us make wise parental choices.
Our girls grow so fast, we need coaching to help us make wise parental choices.

Do you ever image the days your little girl begins to date with fear and trembling? I do. My traditional approach centers around the, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" idea. However, with so many elements of our culture attempting to grow our girls faster that they are ready, coaching from moms who've gone before comes in handy.

That's what we find in Dana Gresh's book, "Six ways to keep the 'Little' in your girl". Dana's honest approach to issues like sex, dating, menstration and even Barbie dolls is both funny and captivating. As a regular speaker and writer, Dana has honed the skills for communicating issues we face as parents of little girls. She shares her journey as a mom and willingly admits the limits of her knowledge.

Her points are well researched and deeply thought out. I especially appreciated moments within the book where she directs the reader to put the book down and spend time with your daughter. She gives coaching on ideas to help strengthen that relationship in ways that will last a lifetime.

This book is designed for those who have daughters 8-12 years old as a prep for what is yet to come. She uses personal wisdom and comments made by other readers from her "Secret Keeper Girl" website. Though she clearly approaches the topic from a mom's point of view, dads will also find the book helpful and encouraging.

Little choices we make and battles we are willing to fight in the early years can truly shape who our little girls will become. I highly recommend this book as a guide for parents seeking to assist their daughters through this maze of life. By following her advice, we can become the connecting parents she describes and develop stronger relationships with our girls for the long haul.

I give her book 5 out of 5 stars. It's a great addition to the family library.

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  • smiller7152 5 years ago

    Thanks for the book review recommendation...I'm certainly looking forward to this one!

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