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Sisters of the Flame ignites firestorm of hope

New book by Lori Toye


This inspiring and insightful book all started with “I Am America” founder, Lori Toye, sitting around the kitchen table with some spiritual teachers and seekers who all brought their deepest and most penetrating questions. They'd ask questions about fear and freewill, cooperation, and Oneness – a key topic behind the theme of “I Am America.” Then, Lori would pose these queries to the masters: Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Sananda, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and others. Her channeled answers resulted in this book, whose lessons “bring forth the nurturing side of our being.” Some call this the divine feminine side in all of us. Lori refers to the many aspects of this One nurturing spirit as the Sisters of the Flame.

Surrender to the oneness between humankind and Mother Earth results in  ecological alchemy. It's the way of the divine feminine.
Lori Toye

She summarized Sisters of the Flame to me this way: “This book is about my journey to find self-love, and the undeniable support I received through this vital process from amazing Spiritual Teachers, both ethereal and physical.”

It's the second book in a trilogy of valuable, supportive answers. I reported on the first book of the set last July. It “provides a conceptual bridge from our cultural beliefs to the work of the ascended masters and the plan of the hierarchy for ourselves and our planet.”

This second book helps us connect with our nurturing, feminine side through personal examples from the author's life. It also presents detailed information explaining the "Cellular Awakening,” occurring on earth right now. It explains that we are prophesied to profoundly change physically, even down to our DNA. Lori gives a prayer to facilitate this process in the video above.

Earth changes, past and prophesied, are presented as a reflection of our collective consciousness, and are generally explained to manifest as adjustments to imbalances – ours and the Earth's. For just as I AM America, I (and you) are also The Earth!

“Integrating with our higher self, the I Am Presence, gives us the free movement necessary to be who we really are and to allow others to b e who they are. This will avert cataclysmic earth changes.”

Good to know! It's also good to know that there's a nurturing network of heavenly hosts that work with us, constantly protecting us, whether we know it or not. With this security in mind, readers can feel free to use Lori's techniques to reach out and humbly hold Mother Earth in their hearts to form a network of cooperation with her.

Sisters of the flame is about the ecological alchemy that results from this sort of surrender to the oneness between humankind and Mother Earth. Lori says, “These teachings recognize the eternal beauty in our hearts and offer the hope and light that shines beyond illusion, into the ONE.”

This book is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in knowing more about their eternal beauty and the part they can play in furthering the hope of the world.

For supplemental information on many of the messages contained in Lori Toye's books, also see these two #1 best selling anthologies: 2012, Creating Your Own Shift, and The Sacred Shift, Co-creating your Future in a New Renaissance.

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