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'Sister Act' fabulously graces the Kravis Center

Ta'rea Campbell plays Deloris Van Cartier with perfection
Ta'rea Campbell plays Deloris Van Cartier with perfection
Used with permission from the Kravis Center

Sister Act


Sister Act is a must see, heavenly musical comedy event that is extraordinary in every possible way.

Based on the hit film, Sister Act tells the story of Philadelphia club diva Deloris Van Cartier (Ta’Rea Campbell) who dreams about one day striking fame and fortune. Her dreams are put on halt however, when she witnesses her gangster boyfriend committing a murder. Now on the run from her boyfriend, Deloris is placed in a convent as Sister Mary Clarence and under the watch of the strict Mother Superior (Hollis Resnik). At first, things get off to a shaky start, as Deloris’ street smarts clash with Mother Superiors’ rigid rules. However, after Deloris befriends a group of motley nuns, they soon give her a hilarious lesson in what is most important in life.

Sister Act is one fabulous, big, glitzy Broadway musical extravaganza that never looses momentum, especially with its’ highly energetic performances.

The star of the show, Ms. Campbell, plays Deloris without a hitch, showing her journey as a girl into a young woman. Deloris starts off, as a girl dreaming about one day making it big. She then learns, in the end, that all that really matters in life is love. What I enjoyed about Campbell’s performance is that she portrayed Deloris in a way that allowed the audience to open their hearts up to her as the show progressed. She was not only warm-hearted, but added vivacity to her role. Campbell had the voice of an angel, giving it all in every musical number she had. Her powerhouse balled Sister Act moved the audience to tears, as her exuberant voice ascended across the theater (all the way up to the Heavens). It is evident that Campbell has worked hard at making Deloris her own character, instead of being a replica of Whoopi Goldberg’s Deloris from the movie.

Other standouts include Ms. Resnik, Chester Gregory (Eddie Souther) and Ashley Moniz (Mary Roberts) who individually owned the stage in their powerhouse ballads. They all had an undeniable stage presence and were overtly hilarious in their particular roles.

The most important aspect of any Broadway musical is of course, the music. The music sets the tone of the story and allows for the audience to connect to the show. The music of Sister Act surely did not disappoint. Each and every song in the show was upbeat and catchy, without being superficial or tawdry. This was no surprise to me, as Alan Menken composed the music. Menken also composed the Disney classics The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. The songs, including my personal favorites Spread the Love Around and Fabulous, Baby, made you want to boogie in the comfort of your seat. The music was inspired by the 70s and 80s era and consists of original disco, funk and R&B tunes.

The scenery added to the overall glossiness and richness of the musical. From a Philadelphia nightclub to the walls of The Holy Order of the Little Sisters of Our Mother of Perpetual Faith, the setting added three-dimensional and texture. Most noticeably was the consistent colorful lighting effects, which brightened the scenery and added to the profound, vivacious energy of the musical.

The costumes of the musical were glittery and glamorous, fitting fabulously in with the scenery and overall high spirit of the show.

Sister Act has everything that you want to find in a top-notch musical comedy: high energy, catchy tunes, exciting choreography, great acting and a plot that allows for you to escape from reality. It is a happy, joyous show that is pure Broadway magic. One will walk out of the theater with a huge smile, all the while, humming a favorite song from the show. It’s also a musical that is great for the entire family, young and old.

You do not want to miss this perfectly outstanding musical that will have you praising! It is guaranteed that you have a gloriously good time. Sister Act is Broadway’s sweetheart and one that should not be missed. It’s an upbeat celebration of life, love and all that is in between.

I give it ten AMENs up!

Sister Act is now playing at the Kravis Center for a limited run now through March 9th. Tickets may be purchased at the Kravis Center’s Official Website:; by calling the Box Office at (561)- 832-7469 or 1-(800)-572-8471; or in person at the Kravis Center.

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