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Sipz's Dynamite Roll: vegan sushi that tastes like it came from the sea

Best vegan sushi in San Diego
Photo by Terence Jacinto

Sipz Fusion Cafe


Seafood is typically the last form of meat that people give up on their journey to establishing a plant-based diet. One of the reasons for this is because fish, shrimp, crab, (etc.) are not viewed in the same way to people as cows, pigs or chickens are. In general, people tend to attach more emotional and social value to land animals than animals that live in the water because humans have more in common with them. As a result, people find it easier to stop eating animals that live on land. Furthermore, seafood is known to be one of the healthier forms of meat for humans to consume due to its lower fat and cholesterol content, and the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids and other useful vitamins and minerals.

For those who find it difficult to give up eating seafood (especially people who enjoy eating sushi because of its taste and elegant presentation) have no fear, because yes, there are vegan sushi options out there. The advent of vegetarian seafood came a little bit later than beef and chicken substitutes due to the fact that duplicating the taste and texture of seafood was more difficult to achieve.

Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café in San Diego serves an array of vegetarian and vegan sushi options such as hand rolls, inari, and Philly rolls (which are all staples in the sushi world) along with a plethora of large specialty rolls. Indeed, if you are a new vegetarian/vegan who loves sushi and other Asian inspired dishes that use seafood, then Sipz Vegetarian Café is an absolute gem because of its large variety of offerings in this food genre.

The roll pictured in this article is Sipz’s 'Dynamite roll' which is its flagship sushi item. Known as a house favorite amongst vegetarian sushi foodies that frequent Sipz, the Sipz Dynamite roll is gently oven baked. Rolled up inside the sheet of nori are chunks of avocado, cucumber, tofu, and sushi rice. A warm and spicy dynamite sauce is draped over the imitation crab, which practically covers the entire roll, giving the Dynamite roll an authentic sushi house flavor. The Sipz Dynamite roll can be ordered in two sizes. The larger order is big enough to be considered an entire meal, or it can be split between two people. However, the best advice is to order two of these if you are dining with a companion because you’re not going to want to share this once you take your first bite!

In addition to sushi rolls, Sipz Vegetarian Café serves noddle bowls, stir-fries, Thai inspired dishes, and several Chinese food favorites such as Kung Pao vegetarian chicken and Mongolian vegetarian beef over noodles and veggies.

Sipz Vegetarian Café has two locations in San Diego, one in North Park and the other in Clairemont/Kearny Mesa. For more information about Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café and to view their menu online, visit

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