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Sink your teeth into "Dental Society Midwinter Meeting"



Buzzworks Theater Company's production, now at the Atwater Village Theater, gives one a picture of the life of dentists, outside of the chair. The show takes place in Skokie, IL, in the dead of winter, formidably cold, as Chicago is known. The play, as the title suggests, is playwright Laura Jacqmin's satiric look at a group of dentists (Sharmila Devar; Andrea Hutchman; Deborah F. Reed; Davey Johnson; Brad David Reed; and Jon Gentry), all awestruck over the scandalous affair between their esteemed and charismatic president Morris J. Morris Jr. (Johnson), and his sexy mistress/hygienist (Devar), who has been allowed to perform advance dental procedures without a license.

A scandal is a'brewin, while another dentist and his gay partner (both professionally and personally) have been accused of fraud by the IRS. This medley of nefarious characters and situations makes for a hilarious spoof on the highly esteemed field of dentistry, showing that dentistry is not all on the 'up and up,' but rather the 'down and dirty,' as the play drills into each character's personal craziness, finding the 'root' of all evil amongst them. Each character seems 'loaded' with problems, that nothing at the hotel lobby karaoke bar won't fix. The song and dance numbers throughout the show are in SNL spoof fashion, with lyrics so creative and clever, such as a parody on the various vendors promoting their eclectic dental gadgets and gizmos.

After seeing this play, one will never think of the dental industry the same!!

Through July 17th

The Atwater Village Theatre

3269 Casitas Ave Los Angeles

for tickets: