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Single review: Greek Fire strips down for new version of 'Top Of The World'

Promotional banner for Greek Fire's "Top Of The World".
Promotional banner for Greek Fire's "Top Of The World".
Greek Fire / official Facebook page

Greek Fire's "Top Of The World (Stripped Version)"


It seems like Saint Louis rock band Greek Fire has taken a lengthy and interesting path leading to their release of the group's latest single, a 'stripped' version of "Top Of The World". The original version was the second single from their upcoming album "Lost/Found", which has a vague projected release date of late 2014. In turn, the opening EP for the above album, "Lost", was completely funded by fans through an online crowdsourcing campaign, in which people who pledged money for the EP's release received advance copies as well as bonus band swag and chances to meet the band in person.

So in late February, Greek Fire drops the 'stripped' version of "Top Of The World" across the Internet, including iTunes and Amazon, thrilling hardcore Greek Fire fans across the Saint Louis area. It won't be revolutionizing the world but as far as new releases go, it's pretty darn solid. Sometimes, you need your favorite songs broken down to their bare essentials, and that is what Greek Fire has done quite successfully.

First thing first: hop on YouTube and listen to the original "Top Of The World". It will be four minutes and twenty-six seconds that you will not regret. Now listen to the stripped version. Don't worry, they are both available on Greek Fire's official YouTube channel. Now it is time to play everyone's favorite game from childhood, straight out of an issue of "Highlights": what's different between the two of them?

For one thing, the stripped version is exactly that, stripped. Gone are the bells and whistles that punctuate the original. This newest version of "Top Of The World" is the closest we will probably ever get to an acoustic version. All of the 'angelic chorus' effect from the original has been replaced by basic, pure vocals that let lead singer Moon's voice blaze through unencumbered. Aided by Johnny Venus' drumming, the track never loses any of its bite even without all the electricity and special effects.

This is the Greek Fire you'll here jamming live in the booth of a local radio station, balancing unplugged guitars on their laps while sitting in office chairs in a small space. There's nothing wishy-washy about this new 'stripped' track, which seems to be a common trap a lot of acoustic/stripped versions fall into. All the essential components are here and they work perfectly together.

If anything, this version of "Top Of The World" should get listeners even more excited to hear the entire "Lost" EP. Greek Fire is clearly stepping up their game and it's time the rest of the world tuned in and figured it out.

A side note: if you would like more examples of Greek Fire's outstanding fan base, look no further than the very active #TopOfTheWorld hashtag on Twitter. It is filled with fans who are using the song's title to not only lend a digital shout out to their favorite band but also highlight their own personal events worth highlighting. This is the power of Greek Fire's fandom: banding together people under the banner of a song, not to hate but to celebrate.