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Single Moms deserve a break

Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club (movie)


Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club:PG-13” (1 hr. 51 min)

Single Moms deserve a break
Single Moms deserve a breakTyler Perry
Single Moms could use a laugh
Single Moms could use a laughTyler Perry

Starring: Nia Long, Amy Smart, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Zulay Henao, Cocoa Brown

Directed by: Tyler Perry

And here we are with yet another one of Tyler Perry’s films. This time around we are experiencing the collective (and very funny) stories of a group of single moms who are all brought together by an incident at their exclusive, private children’s school, that involved each of their children. To atone for their kid’s bad behavior this group of single are thrown together to help organize and run a charity dance to benefit the school. Needless to say, as each of the mothers are from different walks of life, their initial meeting doesn’t go so well as they experience something of a personality clash, still as they are forced to work together, they each get to experience each other’s lives and eventually bond, to create a support group that helps them find a measure of balance in the obstacles of life, as well as tap their own inner strength in order to overcome their personal challenges.

May (Long) is a writer trying to keep the fact that his dad is a drug addict from him; Jan (McLendon-Covey) is an upscale, all business, book editor who used artificial insemination to conceive her daughter; Hillary (Amy Smart) has just had most of her domestic help pulled from her by her lawyer ex-husband, and doesn’t know how to deal directly with her own kids, Esperanza (Henao) keeps getting one-upped for her daughter’s affection by her wealthy ex, who keeps undermining her parental authority; while Lytia (Brown) is desperately attempting to reign heard on her kids to keep them from winding up in jail like their older siblings.

All of which makes for some very hilarious moments (the well-off Jan attempting to relate to the inner-city Lytia; Hillary having a very (unintentionally) sexually charged conversation with her single neighbor, etc.). This is really a very funny, uplifting without getting preachy film, that gives an honest (if humorous) look at the lives of single moms and the kinds of obstacles that they have to face in a world where women (in spite of all of their “advances” are still required to bear and care for children while the fathers are somehow “exempt” from actually being both Dads and husbands.

(As an aside, we recall when our own children were younger and we spent copious amounts of time watching them, women would often tell us how good we were for “babysitting” them. Our response was always the same, we weren’t “babysitting” they were my kids and this was simply part of being a dad.)

Yep, this one is well worth checking out. Funny, entertaining, with a positive message, and great comedic acting; high marks all the way around.


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