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Singer returns to the franchise with ‘X Men Days of Future Past'

X Men Days of Future Past


When Bryan Singer brought the original ‘X-Men’ film to life it changed the superhero genre in film forever. After 2 great installments, he moved on and with the exception of ‘The Wolverine’ the other films including ‘X-Men: Last Stand’ and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ were critically panned for various reasons. Thankfully the prequel film ‘X-Men First Class’ brought new life to the series again and looked to be a new dawn for the mutants. With the latest installment ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Singer has returned to the helm and is bringing all the franchise together to bring to life one of the most popular storylines in X-Men history to life, but can he pull it off?

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X-Men Days of Future Past follows the near future where the sentinels have waged war against mutants and all but wiped them out. Now the X-Men have one final chance to send Wolverine’s conscience back in time to his younger self to stop Trask from bringing these unstoppable machines to life. Bringing this story to life was a tall order and one that made all the hardcore fans both excited and worried. Thankfully Singer has crafted this film together perfectly bringing some new twists to the story while keeping the original idea intact. Going in those that know the story have to remember that this is using the theatrical mythos, so the story has to be adjusted. While there are plenty of cameos this film really belongs to the ensemble of Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence which helps to make for the perfect sequel to First Class with the future side serving as the sequel to the original trilogy. There is really no need to discuss Jackman as he walks through this character in his sleep at this point and is great as always, but here is far from the lead, but back as a supporting. The real leader here is McAvoy who gets to bring a wide range of emotions dealing with a version of Xavier that we’ve never seen. Throughout the film there are appearances by members from the other films in the franchise as well as some welcome newcomers, but given just enough to do to make them necessary as opposed to forced cameos.

The most anticipated cameo came from Evan Peters as Quicksilver, but when his look was released it was met with a world of groans in disappointment. Thankfully his look actually works fine and the character ends up stealing the show with one of the coolest action pieces in the entire film. Where the film may lose some is in the direction of the story itself. They take their time to let it play out and while there is plenty of action it never forces it on you, but instead lets it happen organically when needed. The action that is here is great as always but most notably for the fans to get to see characters like Iceman finally getting to do what we all love to see him do. In addition Daniel Cudmore returns as Colossus and is given more to do this time around, but sadly not as much as fans may hope for. Thankfully everything has a purpose with the other character appearances and never feels like a cluttered mess as these often do.

Singer has not only taken the franchise back to where it needs to be, but also helps to right some of the wrongs that has come before it. The X-Men are back in what might be the best entry in the franchise so far and one that will likely spilt fans like all of these films. If you are a fan of the original story, the X-Men franchise or any of the actors involved then you will no doubt want to join the trip to the past and check out this latest entry to the X-Men series that changes everything for the better. As always stay after the credits for a scene that non-comic fans will probably not understand, but make no mistake it is awesome and setting up the next film in the series.