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Singer Island the Ocean Pointe Marriott

Lindsay Ahart

Ocean Pointe Marriott, Singer Island Fl


The Ocean Pointe Marriott on Singer Island, right next to West Palm Beach,
Florida, has got to be one of the best kid friendly resorts around. And at
least the top 3 that I have ever stayed at. The resort itself is in a beautiful
location with a lot of local attractions and outside activities for everyone to
enjoy and participate with. The resort is laid out with about 6 pools and then
a walk way to the pristine beach. You do have to be a Marriott timeshare owner
to rent one of these luxury condos for a week, but you can also rent from an
owner that is looking to "give up" their week. The service is amazing and they
are looking to please their guests staying with them. I personally wanted to
see how far the customer service would go and complained that my mattress was
too lumpy, with in the half hour they brought me a new bed. Now that might be a
bit extreme, but none the less they take pride in pleasing people and giving
great customer service to a life of luxury while you stay there.
The amenities are in such an abundance with The Ocean Pointe that you really
don't ever need to leave. The condos are all set up with full kitchens and
there are grills out by the pools, along with beach and bar foods for snacking.
There is a fun tiki bar with full service for lunch and dinner, as well as those
yummy tropical drinks. And there is always entertainment. There is a kids
room with crafts, camps, activities and the kid room even offers a parents night
out service with pizza and movies for the kids. It is amazing! On top of the
amazing pools, there is a small kiddie pool and then there is a separate section
with a spray park. The spray park has lots of fun water toys and is great for
all ages. So if all of the water activity wasn't enough there is also a mini
golf course that runs through the resort and on each side of the course are more
adult beach games like shuffle board and horse shoes. There are plenty of
bench swings to relax on and there are even bike rentals to take around the
island. And of course there is a beautiful beach at your fingertips with beach
toy amenities such as chairs, umbrellas, paddle boards, and more. I can't say
enough about how fun this resort is and how much there is to do there. The best
part is how beautiful and peaceful it is. Anyone, of any age, can go and relax
and enjoy a wonderful vacation full of fun and or relaxation.

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