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Simple Gourmet is where you should be eating lunch today!

Simple Gourmet located at 2203 1/2 Ardmore Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15221


To set the scene, I work for a very small sub-consulting company in an even smaller town, on a tiny road just a few miles from where I live. Most days I will go home for lunch because it's easier and less expensive than eating out at a restaurant I don't like, or don't care about. Like most Monday's, I was running a little behind after my weekend trip to New York left me drained (happy, but drained). I couldn't muster the slightest bit of interest in making myself something for lunch, nor did I want to eat Chinese food, or Pizza or Taco Bell for the umpteenth time, so I did a little digging and found Simple Gourmet - on Ardmore Boulevard in Forrest Hills, PA. They have never received less than 5 stars on any review they've received from Yelp. That's just outrageous! There's always one jerk on Yelp! But not where this little gem is concerned.

From the outside looking in, there was a cheerful white sign above the worn wooden screen door with fun colorful flowers accenting the long, bold print; "Simple Gourmet," it said to me. The rain had been coming down, and there were cars flying past me at alarming speeds making it difficult to make a break from the street to the door, but I finally managed and ran like hell. The first thing I noticed was how good everything smelled once I had made it inside. It smelled like real food being cooked on a real stove top. The second thing I noticed was a woman, presumably the owner and head cook, smiling brightly at me as she welcomed me to her establishment. It reminded me so much of my grandmother's kitchen, I couldn't help but smile back. I noticed cookbooks off to left and meandered over to check them out while the lady in front of me finished her order. There was a sign stating that each book was $1.00 and that the money would go towards feeding Veterans.

I grabbed two very old books; The Homemaker's Guide to Cooking and Nutrition had a publication date of 1946, and Good Cheap Food was dated 1974. In each of the books, there were little notes left in the margins by the previous owners which tugs on my heart strings so I bought them.

The menu, which you can see > here, is simple, not over cluttered, and a little more sophisticated than your average sandwich shop. I got the Turkey Cobb wrap and I was not disappointed. Everything tasted amazing. It was the perfect blend of fresh ripe ingredients, harmoniously cuddled together in a tortilla blanket. If you are planning on eating here, you want to make sure you come in early, because the owner only makes enough food for the day, and no more, so you know everything you're eating is absolutely fresh and hasn't been sitting in a cooler somewhere like other chain restaurants which I won't name.

Not only is the food delicious, but she doesn't skimp on portions or overfill your sandwich with lettuce. I split my sandwich up and had the second half for dinner. I'm definitely going back, and I hope to see you all there!