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Simon Adams - Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire

Simon Adams EP
Simon Adams EPSimon Adams

Simon Adams' EP


Simon Adams' music emerges as a collage of touching and emotive melodies that offer a glimpse into the man behind it. His EP Point And Shoot takes listeners on a journey through what Adams refers to as the chasms in relationships, joy and acceptance. The title track mixes a modern vibe with graceful lyrics that powerfully offer the traits of songwriting that are both notable and ingenious. "Our Man" strengthens the tone of Simon's voice - a combination of inspired rasp and nurtured thoughtfulness. The song is perfect not only for singer/songwriter fans, but for lovers of alternative vibes that fuse together the greatness that is music.

"Born To Change The World" hauntingly sways into the speakers revealing Adams as an old soul, on a mission to encourage, inspire and provoke his listeners. "A Beautiful Way" cements a sound that is soulful, tuneful and full of the elements that make listeners appreciate what a singer goes through when he or she writes a song.

Simon Adams has sailed the seas and traveled around the world meeting many people of different cultures, which he incorporates into this music. While Adams has been compared to Coldplay, John Mayer and many like them, he is in a lane on his own, penning great music one lyric at a time.

Final Grade: A

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