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Silver Mountain Water by Octavia Tea

Octavia packages its teas in beautiful tins.
Octavia packages its teas in beautiful tins.
Octavia Tea

Silver Mountan Water Oolong by Octavia Tea


Name: Silver Mountain Water

Brand: Octavia Tea

Type: Oolong

Form: Loose

Review: Chicago's Octavia Tea offers some very lovely, gorgeously packaged teas that make great gifts (Mother's Day, anyone?). They were kind enough to send me samples of several teas, including one of their green oolongs, Silver Mountain Water. If you like green oolongs, this is one to try.

The deep green leaves are rolled into little balls, treating you to new flavors as they expand during multiple infusions. The dry nose is distinctly honey-sweet, deepening after the tea is infused to a medium bodied green/gold liquor. There is also a slight milky note that is present through each steep.

As with many rolled oolongs, this tea gets better with successive steepings. My favorite is probably the third steep in which both the tea's sweetness along with its mineral notes are most prominent. While I expected this tea to have a stronger floral profile, the minerals dominate. This isn't a bad thing, though, as floral teas are often persnickity and require very careful brewing. Silver Mountain Water is a forgiving tea, though, and I've enjoyed it prepared both gong-fu style (lots of leaf, small amount of water) in a little gaiwain as well as in the "Western" style (lots of water, small amount of leaf) in a Piao i teapot.

If you are looking for a sturdy, delicious and easy-to-infuse oolong, this should fit your bill nicely. It isn't particulary cheap (in 2011 it retails for $20 for a 3.7 ounce tin) but it has staying power: You'll get a lot of tea from one steeping. I urge you to give it a try.