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Silver Birch raises the box wine bar

Silver Birch's sassy sauvignon blanc in a bargain in a box.
Silver Birch's sassy sauvignon blanc in a bargain in a box.
Julia Hollister

Silver Birch sauvignon blanc


One sip of Silver Birch sauvignon blanc from New Zealand will convince wine drinkers not “to judge a book by its cover.”

Or in this case, don’t judge an exceptional varietal by the box outside. Yes, this outstanding wine is housed in a sleek 3-liter octagon shaped box at $24. The container is equal to four 750 ml bottles which amounts to about $6 a bottle or $1 a glass.

Octavin Home Wine Bar came up with the design that ensures every glass tastes as fresh as the first sip.

Silver Birch prides itself on the concept of unoaked wine that showcases the clean, crisp varietal that New Zealand is famous. Delicious sunshine nurtures the grapes and the cool climate results in long on-the-vine ripening. No “butter bomb” in the glass; this will never be mistaken for a chardonnay.

Winemaker Drew Ellis sourced the grapes from some of the best vineyards in the country.

“Stainless steel tanks and simple winemaking techniques make for a pristine wine,” he said. “Special yeasts during the cool fermentation create flavors of kiwi, pear and green apple with mineral notes.”

This sauvignon blanc is true to the grape: it has crisp, clean grassiness and citrus taste that make it easy to add to most any meals, except rich red meats.

Enjoy this fresh wine chilled with shrimp and crab Caesar salad, avocado and cilantro tacos or tuna sushi.