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'Silk Naturals Zing' lipstick review

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Silk Naturals lipstick


Silk Naturals' vegan lipstick in the color 'Zing' is absolutely fantastic. It is a rich and vibrant warm red color that would probably look good on most skin tones because it also has some cool undertones in it. Aside from the fabulous color though (and Silk Naturals has plenty of wonderful colors to choose from), it is really the feel and effect of the lipstick that has captivated me. It feels buttery and is extremely moisturizing. It has a very pleasant, soft smell (not at all overpowering, but just a delicious hint of a buttery vanilla). My lips feel amazing after having worn the lipstick. It does not dry out the lips whatsoever! Often these vibrant, deep colors can be a bit drying, as I've found with some other lipstick brands I have been trying out. Not Silk Naturals! This particular lipstick does leave a bit of a stain, which is very beautiful and even. The lipstick is long lasting as well, which is a plus for a natural product.

Some may need to use lip liner with this lipstick, as the darker colors can bleed ever so slightly - but that is the case with most dark-colored lipsticks - natural or not. I recommend this lipstick to anyone and everyone and I easily give it 5 stars! Best lipstick ever! Oh yeah, and did I mention the price is ridiculously cheap? Check out all of Silk Naturals' products on their website:

I first discovered indie makeup company 'Silk Naturals' when researching natural and/or organic makeup options to replace my former toxin-rich, carcinogen-packed makeup brands. As a stage performer, lipstick is something I use often. We end up ingesting so much of what we put on our lips, so naturally, lipstick should be one of the cosmetics people should be most concerned about... well - eating!

There are so many studies and websites that educate people about the potential harmful effects of various ingredients that most big brand-name makeup companies use in their products, that I really urge readers to research it for themselves. Some of the brands most guilty of producing toxin-rich lipstick include those brands that most makeup consumers idolize. Check out this article for example: