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Silk Naturals Bubble Gum lip balm is awesome!

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Silk Naturals Bubble Gum Lip Balm


I don't think I have any criticisms of the indie cosmetic company Silk Naturals. They are simply the best and most reasonably priced natural makeup and cosmetic company that I have researched and tried thus far. I have already written plenty and gushed about their lipstick products and their eye shadow - now it's time to gush about their lip balm. Silk Naturals' lip balms are organic, incredibly creamy and moisturizing, and also smell and taste wonderful! The product feels very emollient, gives my lips a subtle matte sheen, and stays on for quite a while. This would definitely be a great lip balm to protect the lips in cold weather.

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The lip balms have a base of the following simple, healthy and moisturizing ingredients: olive, castor, jojoba, hemp, cranberry and avocado oils; beeswax, candelia wax, and carnauba wax. Then the balms are flavored with various flavors and sweetened with stevia.

The lip balm I am reviewing is the Bubble Gum flavored lip balm, which brings me back many years, as the flavor smells exactly like the classic Double Bubble Gum that I used to chew as a kid. It is important to note though, that if you don't like the smell of classic bubble gum, try a different flavor! Silk Naturals offers a huge variety of flavors, including caffeinated lip balms, which apparently are effective at giving a boost in the morning before a cup of coffee. They also have such interesting flavors as Dr. Pepper, Peppermint Lemongrass, Pumpkin, Raspberry Gingerale, Peanut Butter, Shirley Temple and Red Velvet Cake - and that's not all! Check out the Silk Naturals website for current available flavors here:

With flavors and ingredients like that, why not give one of these lip balms a try?