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Sara Lamb

The Practical Spinner's Guide SIlk


Silk is a luxury fiber (with a past) that spins into a smooth, glossy yarn. Sara Lamb takes all the guess work out of this fiber. She is a hand spinner, weaver and dyer, lecturer and runs workshops. Her book, "Silk" in the practical spinner's guide series, answers your questions. It starts with a bit of history, the different types of silk, how to: manage, spin it on a spindle and/or wheel, blend, dye and use hand spun in knitting and weaving.

You will learn the difference between cultivated and wild silk. Learn before you buy fiber. Reading the section on spinning different preparations (top, lap, hankies, bells, caps), will help you to purchase the type of silk to spin. The photographs show how beautifully silk takes up color and how nicely it drapes. There are step by step instructions and photographs when needed.

There is a project gallery that shows you what Sara has woven and knit using her hand spun. Though there are no projects given for you to recreate, you will learn a lot from her experiences. Learn to make silk hankies for spinning from purchased cocoons. There are plans included for making your own PVC yarn blocker.

If you have wanted to spin silk and have been putting it off...Sara Lamb is the perfect person to get you motivated. Pick up this book. It will be a wonderful addition to your library.The yarn you learn to spin will be a welcome addition to your stash. 'The practical spinner's guide' has another book in the series "Cotton, Flax, Hemp". Give this series a spin.