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Sili Squeeze for your kiddos gluten free baby foods

Sili squeeze


Are you sick of taking your car to the car wash because your child's bottle overspilt with milk, water or juice? Even worse, how about that homemade baby food that you put into the bottle as you were running out the door.

Chances are if you are a mom you are constantly cleaning up after your little ones. Well, a mom and entrepreneur has a solution to all your kiddos messy problems. Mom-trepreneur Kristen Ahmer was sick of having to clean up after her kiddos or just not being able to put their foods in a bottle, that was safe for her kids.

As a result, she came up with a brilliant idea that has now gone far beyond the United States into Australia. She recently was chosen as a winner at Australia's Life and Style awards for best Innovation. One would have to agree that this mom-trepreneur is certainly onto something.

This gluten free gal had the lucky opportunity of meeting Kristin at the Natural Products Expo last year in 2013. She outfitted this gluten free gal with a sample bottle, that was given as a gift to a friend who has three children and loves the bottle. It makes meals on the go a lot easier and provides for less hassle to clean up messes in the car. Why not try some gluten free oatmeal in your Sili Squeeze, after all, "it's not a bottle, it's a squeeze."

For more information about the Sili Squeeze, check Kristin and her team at this year's Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, south of Los Angeles.

The Sili squeeze is an eco friendly company that has the best in mind for your family.