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‘Siesta Fiesta’ Review, Repetitive, but addictive

Siesta Fiesta


Puzzle games go together on the Nintendo 3DS like chocolate and marshmallows, but this one gets us a little too full, too fast.

Mojo Bones’ newest puzzler, “Siesta Fiesta” on the 3DS is a weird little puzzle game that takes the old-school brick-breaker genre to the next level. Part side-scroller, the game advances you across a level and is not static like your traditional brick-breaker the likes of the Gameboy classic “Alleyway.”

If it doesn’t sound like too much of a difference, you’d be wrong.

Although the introductory tutorial doesn’t provide much excitement or flavor, those that give the game more than a few minutes will be quickly surprised at how well the development team has nailed the old-school brick-breaker gameplay. But regardless of the initial nostalgia, the tutorial level, bland and emotionless to most current-day gamers, is a sign of what eventually comes later.

Fast and frenetic, the first few stages of “Siesta Fiesta” are a blast though. Traditional brick-breaking with a twist, the game quickly grows on you. Easy to jump in and play, the game’s simple control is aided by colorful graphics and silly sound, making it fun in short doses for adults and children. For those who need a game on public transportation to kill some time, "Siesta Fiesta" is a solid option. Although the story isn’t exactly fleshed out, the thought of bouncing around a sleeping man off a bed into the sky is too adorable to run away from.

But after the first few levels, something happens. While new elements are brought in to spice up the gameplay a-la berry bottles that shoot your character across the stage and pinball bumpers, it's never enough to differentiate it from the other stages. Despite varying level design, it all feels the same.

Bounce man off bed into air, hit things, repeat.

"Siesta Fiesta" is saved at times by fun and intriguing boss battles that challenge your wits and the genre unlike any other game before it. There's just way too much filler until you get there. In spite of everything that works the way it should, it feels like a chore just to get to the boss battles.

In the end however, the completionist will have a blast here. While casual gamers will enjoy the fast-paced pick-up-and play gameplay, hardcore puzzle fans will accept the challenge to gold medal all the levels. Considering the bargain price, there's plenty to do here and those dedicated to the genre will did more than enough to keep themselves busy.

The Good:

Colorful Visuals: Visually adorable, "Siesta Fiesta" makes you smile. Brightly colored and fun, the look matches the gameplay well.

Easy to Pick Up and Play: Anyone can play this game. The control is on-point and simple and just as laymen to understand.

A Completionist's Dream: While the levels are easy to complete, beating them with an elite score is another story all together.

The Bad:

Gameplay Gets Old: After about an hour of gameplay, you've eventually seen it all. If you love the genre, it's not a problem, just don't expect to be floored.

Lack of a Story: Our main character is cute, but there's no backstory. The attempt at a story falls flat

Final Thoughts:

It's more than enough fun to play in short doses, but after a few hours, "Siesta Fiesta" wears itself thin. It's bargain price makes it a low risk, high reward title however and those infatuated with the genre or casual gamers could and should find something to smile about in the downloadable puzzler.

What do you think of the game? Will you purchase it? Sound off in the comment section below.

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