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SIA Show Must Have Accessories and Apparel

Snowsports apparel


The Snowsports Industry Association Tradeshow rolls back into Denver in a week. The tradeshow introduces new equipment, accessories, and apparel to retailers that will carry it in their shoes next fall. Some of the unique offerings that I have used again and again are the following:

1. UClear - The wireless, bluetooth communication system links small ear pieces that are easy to fit inside a helmet (with velcro) to your phone. You can listen to music, take/make a call or even communication with up to ten linked UClear systems. I talk about this communication all the time and use it EVERY time I board.

2. HotChilly's jacket - I had always thought of HotChilly's as simply undergarmets. I had always seen them as base layers. But, I got a pro card when I was at the show last year, and I purchased a jacket that I wear all the time. It is so soft on the inside I kind of just want to hug myself.

3. Fits Socks - There were several sock vendors at the show which were all pretty awesome. But the tops of my list are the FITS socks. They are so arm and fit just right after all kinds of wearing and testing them out.

4. Adidas Jacket- I received a jacket from Adidas that condenses into a small bag - I have worn this jacket in summer and winter, in the mountains when I'm hiking and when I snowboard. I love the idea that I am prepared for whatever I may encounter weather-wise.

I'm looking forward to seeing what really will "stick" in my closet this year.