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Shout Factory brings Transformers The Complete Animated Series to DVD

Transformers Animated the Complete Series


Ever since the Generation 1 Transformers series burst onto the seen in 1984 the franchise has been dominating everything from comics, toys, live action features, and numerous animated series. From 2007 to 2009 the series Transformers: Animated brought the robot’s in disguise back to the airwaves and thanks to Shout Factory fans will now be able to bring the complete series home.

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Shout Factory

This latest series, as with most follows Optimus Prime and his heroic team as they protect the mighty AllSpark from Megatron and his evil band of Decepticons, while also managing to protect the rest of their new home planet, Earth from its own dastardly fiends! As with most of the series this one follows its own continuity and doesn’t really connect with any of the other series, despite them using stock footage from the generation 1 series in the first episode. With most of the incarnations the show has used the straight animation, CGI, or manga, but here they opted for a more ‘Ben 10’ style giving it the most unique look to date. While the series story arcs aren’t quite as strong as some of the other shows, the unique animation style and over the top action fun makes for a pretty entertaining take on the characters. Hardcore fans have always complained about the just about every series since the original, but if you just let these other incarnations do their thing they are fairly entertaining and do manage to keep some of the classic look intact. This one won’t be for everyone mostly due to the animation style, but those that dig on shows like ‘Ben 10’ will surely have a great time here.

This collection features all 42 episodes of the three seasons as well as audio commentaries and is sure to be a must have for any fan of the franchise. With the new film hitting theaters now this is the perfect time to add yet another adaptation to your collection so transform and roll out to grab your copy of Transformers Animated The Complete Series available now.

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