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Shout Factory brings Transformers Armada the complete series to DVD

Transformers Armada the complete series


Ever since the Generation 1 Transformers series burst onto the seen in 1984 the franchise has been dominating everything from comics, toys, live action features, and numerous animated series. In 2002 Hasbro and Takara teamed up to bring Transformers: Armada to the small screen in hopes to re-introduce the franchise to the kids of that time. Now Shout Factory is getting ready to roll out Transformers: Armada the Complete Series to DVD.

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In this entry into the Transformers franchise the Autobots and the Decepticons are fighting over little transformers called the Mini-Cons. These Transformers gives their masters a massive power boost either to defend or destroy and, again this battle is taking place on Earth. Ever since the original series they have trying to recapture the magic that made it so great, but it wasn’t until the most recent series Transformers: Prime that they even came close. This series sticks to the classic style animation, but takes it in a more anime style. The design of the robots is fine with some of them still keeping somewhat of their original style, but most of them are completely different. There was an attempt here to make more of an ongoing story which is a good idea, but they spent way too much time building things up without ever doing much for the first half of the series. Thankfully it moves forward a bit once we get to the meat of it all. The idea for the mini-bots is an interesting take but actually feels more like a rip-off of the Go-Bots. Thankfully the you can get around the look fairly easily when they attach themselves to an Autobot or Decepticon to create a super variation that rains down fury like only they can.

The animation itself looks great and when the Transformers are in action is great fun, but the rest of the series is going to be more subjective to the fan watching. Obviously the hardcore and typically stubborn G1 only fans will steer clear of this series, but those hardcore fans will surely not want to miss out on this collection that features all 52 episodes of the entire series and kicks off what is known as the Unicron Trilogy that continues in Transformers: Energon (coming from Shout Factory in May) and Transformers: Cybertron.

Transform and roll out to grab your copy of Transformers: Armada The Complete Series comes to DVD on March 11th.

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