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Shout Factory brings the morphin action with Power Rangers Seasons 13-17 to DVD

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Shout Factory

Power Rangers Season 13-17


Power Ranger is an Americanized version of the original Japanese Super Sentai series, using footage from the original series spliced together with the acting of the American cast to create something like kids had never seen. The series follows a group of teenagers with super-powers left to protect the world from various monsters and villains using their martial arts abilities and mighty Zord robots with every season now taking on a different group and scenario. Now you can bring home the latest adventures when Shout Factory brings Power Rangers seasons 13-17 to DVD.

For over 20 years this series has kept chugging along with new episodes still being produced and clearly no sign of the action dying down. As with most of the series each of these seasons once again change up the roster, theme and location to create a fresh new look at the show each time. Season 13 kicks things off with Power Rangers: S.P.D. which thrusting the story into 2025 where aliens now live at peace with the human race, but when the Troobian Empire come to Earth an unlikely team of rangers must come together to form Space Patrol Delta to protect it. The action continues in season 14 with Power Rangers: Mystic Force that feature the rangers sporting capes for the first time. In the series a new team of rangers come together to protect the Earth from the evil Morticon using magic’s this time around as opposed to the usual technology. Power Ranger: Operation Overdrive not only marked the 15th anniversary of the series but is also the first of the series to have the Rangers take a more international approach to protecting the Earth from mystical invaders. This time around they also included numerous legends in conjunction with their abilities or technology including Thor, Atlantis, and Neptune. With season 16, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, they brought back the martial arts focus to the series as a new team with using various animal style Kung-Fu in conjunction with their ranger persona to not only avenge their masters death but also to defend the world. In the final series of this collection Power Rangers: RPM marked the final season ran by Disney, before Saban took it back over and featured a new set of Rangers that operate sophisticated armored suits and combat vehicles to defend the Earth from the computer virus known as Venjix.

While these seasons kept with the same production style, the Disney produces episodes just never packed the same fun punch as the Saban episodes both old and current. On the flipside with the exception of S.P.D. these seasons offered up some of the most unique looks to date for the Rangers with some fun new abilities. The format of the show stayed the same which is no doubt the reason it has remained as popular as it has all these years. The acting throughout the entire run of Power Rangers has always been hit and miss and is no different through these seasons, but let’s be honest, this is a kids show and they are not watching for the performances or storylines. They want action, martial arts, robots, and crazy monsters and will no doubt get all they could hope for with this set. This box set not only includes all 166 episodes for these five seasons but also numerous special featurettes including “Mad Props!”, “Rangers On Set!”, “Ranger Tales”, and so much more as well as a special booklet giving you all the information about the Rangers and villains you could need.

This collection is sure to be a must have for all Power Rangers fans so join the fight and grab your copy of Power Rangers: Seasons 13-17 when it hits stores on April 1st.

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