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Shout Factory brings ‘Ravenous’ to Blu-ray



Shout Factory has been bringing classic horror films to the fans through their Scream Factory brand for some time now with each sporting some cool special features and sometimes new cover artwork. The latest getting the Scream Factory release comes with 1999s cannibal film Ravenous that features a great cast including Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette, Jeremy Davies, Jeffrey Jones, John Spencer, and Neal McDonough that looks to bring the taste of terror back to the masses.

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Shout Factory

Ravenous follows a disgraced Captain during the Mexican-American War who is stationed in Fort Spencer alongside a variety of numerous others already there. When a Scottish stranger appears and recovers from frostbite almost instantly after being bathed, he tells a story about his party leader eating members of the party to survive. As part of their duty, they must go up to the cave where this occurred to see if any have survived but are warned that since he admits to eating human flesh, he must be a Windigo, a ravenous cannibalistic creature. When this film was released it never really seemed to find the audience that it was looking for, but over the years it has garnered a much deserved cult status. This film takes an interesting direction with the cannibal genre making it stand out of the usual fare. The setting alone helps it be a more visual treat like that of older westerns as well as a bit more terrifying in relation to knowing these types of things happened then. The cast all do a great job and seem to be really enjoying making this film. For much of the film it plays as a mystery that is intriguing enough, but as things begin to unfold and the gore is amped up it becomes so much more.

This is a great film and one that may not resonate with everyone, but deserves to be checked out if for no other reason than the great performances across the board. This release not only features the film but also numerous special features including commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers, TV spots, and galleries.

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