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Should you put snail secretions on your face?

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask
Marie Sarantakis

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet


Nature Republic Snail Therapy Sheet Masks are not for the faint of heart, but they are a miracle product for those willing to try anything for beauty.

I discovered the South Korean brand, Nature Republic, while walking along the shops of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased a couple of products for the novelty, not expecting much, but superprisingly fell in love with this brand. In my opinion, Nature Republic is the very best company for those with fair, porcelain skin to date. Unfortunately, Nature Republic products are not yet available for purchase online from the company directly. If you can get your hands on these products, buy as many as you can.

After I developed a trust for the brand, I tried one of the more exotic products that was given to me as a sample gift with purchase. Nature Republic is very liberal with their samples, because they are confident that if you try something, you will love it.

Today, I tried my Nature Republic Snail Therapy Sheet Mask. The main effective ingredient is 200 mg of snail secretions. Snail mucus contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and proteins that aggressively fight aging and reveal toned skin infused with moisture. This stuff really works! It instantly heals damaged tissue before your eyes. Not only were all signs of any redness gone from my face after taking this mask off, but the dark circles under my eyes were visibly reduced as well. That was not even a benefit advertised.

Snail secretions are widely being used across the Asian continent in luxurious spas to heal acne scars, aging spots, and sun damage. Even Hippocrates used snail slime to cure skin ailments nearly 2000 years ago! Snails secrete to help the snail heal cuts and sores on its body, so it is no surprise that it has the same healing effect for humans.

So why are more people not using this stuff in North America? Frankly, many are grossed out. It’s a sticky and smily secretion. Some just cannot get over the mental image of snail goo spread all over their face. If you can overcome the initial shock, this product will amaze you. Not to worry, the snail slime is filtered, so it is clean. And no snails are killed in the process of making this product.

Do realize that the packaging is in Korean, so Americans may experience some difficulty in understanding how this product is intended to be used. It’s incredibly simple though. Just pat the mask onto your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Do not rinse afterwards.

While not suggested to me by Nature Republic, I recommend that after you take the mask off of your face, that you squeeze the remaining gooeyness into your hands and rub them together. You will not believe how soft your hands will feel and how great they will look. I had tiny bites from a puppy all over my right hand before squeezing the snail secretions onto my hands, these marks (and even tiny cuts) healed after leaving this product on for approximately 2 minutes. I cannot explain it, but snail secretions work.

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