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Should the AmigoCase be your new best friend?

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While the iPhone 4 has a pretty good battery life, it'll undoubtedly die on you when you need it most, or use it heavily over a day. Keystone hopes to solve that problem and protect your iPhone at the same time with the AmigoCase. With it's included case and battery-charging belt clip, will the AmigoCase always be rightly at your side, or is it too much hassle to handle?

To be honest, over a normal day, I may get down to 50% battery by the end of the night. Give me a day where I'm on the road, or just can't recharge over night, and things start to get harrowing: you shut down 3G, Bluetooth, and other services and just try to ride it out. The AmigoCase's whole purpose is to pretty much have an extra battery at the ready, ready to charge the iPhone at the flip of a switch.

One thing going into the AmigoCase is that you're signing up for the whole bundle; you have to use the more portable case alongside the belt-clip recharging case. You can't avoid the protective case altogether, and you can't use your own case, unless you're ready and willing to swap cases out any time you want to. The case is mostly fine, if very basic and minimal. Half the time, one of the corners would catch on my pocket, but the other half of the time, it worked fine as a slim case for an already slim phone.

The big deal is the battery charger/holster. At it's thickest, it's an inch, and sticks well off your belt. Attempts to wear it on the belt and covering it up with a t-shirt failed with every step, and wearing it on a bag strap basically advertises that you have the money for an iPhone 4 and a battery case. WIth no way to remove the clip, you can't even deal with a slightly-thicker iPhone in your pocket; you've got a full inch to handle.

You can leave your iPhone in the holster all day and it won't charge unless you flip the switch, saving you time to save the charge for later or keep it constantly at 100%. Additionally, it comes with a MiniUSB cord to charge, which will also charge the iPhone while it's in the case if, for example, you don't have the iPhone cable to use; at the same time, it doesn't offer any data syncing options, so it can just power up and leave it at that. While charging, there's even a nice cutout to see your battery percentage on the screen without taking it out of the holster.

While the bulk of the device makes it rather unsavory for day-to-day use (those who prefer belt clips may find their opinion different), the fact that it can charge your battery (and charge it quick) means it's a good option to keep around for, say, a day trip or another time where you won't have a chance at filling it up on the go. It really depends on what form factor you require: if you need a case and a holster, it works great. If you need just a battery, you can use it fine, but you'll miss out on half the purpose. For me, it'll remain as a backup battery.