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Shogun Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

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Shogun Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar


Despite being a capital city, Little Rock has had some trouble keeping up with dining trends and varied palates. Thankfully that is changing. Previously there were few Japanese restaurants. An exception, Shogun has been a staple in Little Rock for many years. In fact they still occupy the same former Sambo's building listed in Max Brantley's restaurant review from 1983!
Despite their somewhat ramshackle appearance, Shogun still serves up quality hibachi fare. First you at a wooden counter around a flat grill table. The chef comes to your table and cooks.

We recently celebrated a birthday at Shogun and were fortunate to get a good chef. There have been complaints about some chefs not being very interactive but ours chatted amiably with our large party of mostly teens. He joked and did several tricks throughout our dinner. Most of the guests hadn't tried this type of food before and at least tasted almost everything. Others had allergies to some ingredients and the chef was very accommodating.

Note: Shrimp allergy can easily be set off upon inhalation and may be an issue if it is cooked right in front of you.


Most meals are meat based and come with fried or steamed rice. We split several types ranging from teryaki chicken to saumurai steak and shrimp. All were cooked well and were tender. A few of our party were vegetarians and they had vegetables which were also quite tasty. Dinners include soup, salad,vegetable, and an appetizer. Most of the teens had sodas but the more adventurous had hot green tea. Adult mixed drinks are served in spiffy take-home porcelain containers.

We did not try the scallops or any sushi. A return trip will be needed to see how they stack up to other Little Rock offerings.


Sun.-Thurs. 5:00pm-9:30pm
Fri.-Sat. 5:00pm-10:30pm

Location: 2815 Cantrell Road Little Rock, AR

Reservations: 501-666-7070

For more information visit Shogun and don't forget to print off a 10% off coupon!