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Shockfest 2014 huge success for film makers and fans alike

Schockfest Film Festival 2014


Hollywood may have had their Golden Globes last weekend, but horror fans had Shockfest 2014! Each year for the past seven years, Shockfest has brought the latest up and coming horror films to light for the rest of the world to see.

Shockfest 2014 was a huge success January 10th and 11th at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.
Guil Claveria, Shockfest Film Festival

Guil Claveria, director and producer of the event, gave horror fans and film makers alike, a weekend they will not soon forget. The festival began with a red carpet welcome to attendees on Friday night which included Ghost Hunters star, Britt Griffith, Jessica Cameron of ‘The Black Dahlia Haunting’, and Eileen Dietz of ‘The Exorcist’. After the red carpet arrivals, the screenings began.

The Saturday screenings were a fun assortment of horror and suspense especially those that were shown in “Killer’s Corner” including ‘Skinhead Requiem’, and ‘House at the End of the Drive’, which gave horror fans a nice potpourri of chills and thrills to keep them satisfied until the next fix.

The event culminated in an awards ceremony that was hosted by horror icon, Linda Blair, whose very name is synonymous with the horror genre due to her well known work as a child star.

The Shockfest 2014 winners include but are not limited to; Jessica Cameron for best director, ‘Pelle Plut’ (Sweden) for best foreign film, Sara Mayhem for ‘Dominance’ (best music video), Johnathan Weitzel for best screen play writer, ‘Horror Show Theater’ for best web series, David Oman for best writer (‘House at the End of the Drive’), ‘Polterghost’ for best student film, ‘The Gauntlet’ for best feature film, and many others.

Shockfest is certainly an event that is here to stay for film makers in the horror genre and the fans that love them. Look for Shockfest 2015 next year for more up and coming films in horror. Until next time, Happy Haunting! ~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Paranormal Examiner

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