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Shelter Stars winners announced at Garden State Cat Show

Angel Eyes winner Moe
Angel Eyes winner Moe
Susan Stokes

Shelter Stars winners announced at Garden State Cat Show


If you have never been to a cat show, please put this event on your calendar for next year. The annual Garden State Cat Show & Expo does not disappoint. Not only are pedigree cats showcased, but animal rescue groups are able to showcase adoptable cats and kittens as part of the Adopt-A-CAT program. In addition, the rescued cats are granted their own competition at the event called “Shelter Stars.” Below are the results of the competition announced on Saturday, July 19, 2014.

Rescue cats had their own competition at the recent Garden State Cat Show & Expo.
Susan Stokes

The winning cat in each category was announced by Iris Zinck and awarded a Rosette, as follows:

  • Longest Whiskers - Paris of Lost Paws (Annandale)
  • Angel Eyes - Moe of Companion Animal Trust (Jersey City)
  • Biggest Couch Potato - Albert of Summit Animal Rescue Assoc. (Summit)
  • Interesting Markings - Vera of Cause 4 Paws (Westfield)
  • Most Beautiful Color - Pearl of TLC Rescue
  • Nicest Smile - Stash of Second Chance for Animals (Somerset)
  • Cutest Kitten - Gia of Bayonne Feral Cat Foundation
  • Mr./Ms. Purrsonality - Jesse of Cause 4 Paws (Westfield)
  • Longest Tail - Fin of Scarlet Paws
  • Judge’s Favorite - Casey of Angel Paws (Colonia)

As each winner was introduced, the cat’s rescue group representative presented the cat to the audience. They gave a brief overview of how the cat was rescued and described its personality. They also talked a little about the group’s activities in general for anyone wanting to learn more.

Iris Zinck did a great job in not only introducing each winning cat and rescue volunteer, she also was able to spot immediately any outstanding characteristics of the winning cat that the novice might not be aware of. She was also quick to point out why the particular cat would make a great house pet.

For example, Zinck had this to say about winning cat Fin:

“When you have a shelter cat up here that is making bread on the table, you know you are getting a cat that is going to give back as much as you are giving him.”

The “Shelter Stars” competition is a creative way to further showcase cats in need and help draw attention to the amazing work cat rescue volunteers do every single day. It was heartwarming to see such dedication and spirit toward a worthy cause shared in an open forum.

The annual Garden State Cat Show & Expo is organized by the Garden State Cat Club (GSCC), the third oldest cat club affiliated with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA). The GSCC of New Jersey is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of all cats. Your donation is tax-deductible as defined by IRS. Learn more on the club’s website. Those interested in membership can also visit the membership page.

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