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She Loves Them Yeah Yeah Yeah



As we enter the Elephant Space Theatre in Hollywood, we first see a handsome 'adman,' (Timothy Davis), well dressed in a suit, forlornly hunched over his typewriter, in the office of his now defunct agency, with various creative campaigns on the wall. Quickly enters perky Loretta (Olivia Simone), a 'newbie wannabe' on the streets of New York. She's looking for a job, love, and an overall better life, so she responds to an ad as assistant to this beleaguered executive. She's ready, willing, and able, but alas, the agency has just gone out of business, and cannot oblige her needs. She needs only 45 dollars to get back home to her suburb, Oak Brook, Ohio. A conversation evolves, where we discover, hence the title, that she's madly in love with the Beatles, while he admires Hamlet, pondering daily the most existential of all questions: "To Be or Not To Be."

They truly are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but nonetheless intrigued by one another. Several times she bursts into tears; he tries to console and corral, claiming that tears drive him crazy and get him nauseous. Maybe something romantic will spark; time will tell, but meanwhile, he quickly responds, noting that he's bereft and bankrupt , and thinks her a nut case off the street. The writing, acting, and directing are all stellar; of particular note is Australian actress Olivia Simone, who affects a most authentic Midwestern accent. The story is akin to an Edward Albee rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which should resonate with the times we live in: joblessness, social angst, mismatched lovers, and most of all, finding one's place in this world.

Elephant Space Theatre 6322 Santa Monica Blvd

Sat June 28 7PM