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She is 'Maleficent'



Angelina Jolie is Maleficent. There’s no other actress who could embody and represent the infamous mistress of all evil.

As some might have gathered, this film shows the other side to Maleficent. Yes, she has a heart. No one is born evil, but something from the past may have influence to why he or she becomes unlike their former selves. Without a doubt, that would explain Maleficent’s change.

Most are familiar with the kingdom in the animated version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ where King Stefan and his Queen have a child named Aurora (played in ‘Maleficent’ by Elle Fanning). She's the innocent child whose party is unexpectedly interrupted by an enraged uninvited guest: cue Maleficent. She gives Aurora a gift, but not one that benefits.

Why would she come in and ruin the event with such hatred for the child? It can’t be at random. It’s all explained in director Robert Stromberg's version.

There’s not much dialogue in the movie which seemed like a detriment, but, in fact, not much needed to be said. It was Maleficent’s actions toward everyone which showed her true nature. The narrator tells us of a fairy who lives with the other creatures in a moor apart from the kingdom and the reasons of why she becomes a dark force.

This movie is surprisingly funny. Who knew Maleficent could be? Jolie delivers the one-liners perfectly as well as the obvious cackle and threatening words of destruction. To see Maleficent have this lighter and compassionate side was comforting and refreshing.

With the dialogue came great description of the land both in the kingdom and moor. The visuals in this were stunning and that aspect was a character in itself. It may have helped that the director worked on visual effects for movies such as 'The Hunger Games' and 'Pan's Labyrinth.' The moor is this fairy land of wonder and magic that looks like this utopia for creatures where everyone (or thing in this case) is family.

It’s hard to mention the other actors in this movie because Jolie outshines them all. The only other critical character is Aurora. Even though she is the victim of Maleficent’s spell, Aurora grows into a humble and understanding young woman. Fanning portrays Aurora’s naivety well, but she doesn’t completely remind us of the princess in the 1959 classic.

This was a pleasant, light-hearted and beautiful depiction of Maleficent’s story. The majestic Angelina Jolie can do no wrong.

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