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She-Hulk #1 and #2



This new She-Hulk series is off to a strong start, much as the last one was — whatever happened to it? Oh yeah, drastic creative changes, which in and of itself, can be ok, but in this case, the tonal changes were too extreme, ruining the appeal of what was a quirky/cool start.

Art and text by Javier Pulido and Charles Soule.
Charles Sproule, Javier Pulido

That aside, we’re once again presented with a new She-Hulk series. And like its predecessor (at least at the onset), this one, written by Charles Soule, and expertly illustrated by Javier Pulido, is a whole lotta fun. Pulido’s artwork is masterful, both in its panel design and figure illustration. He is one of those “buy on sight” type of artists, and fortunately, he’s seamlessly matched up with novelist Soule’s solid, realistic, writing.

It’s titles like this, Daredevil, Hawkeye, and a few others that seem to exist between the cracks of the omnipresent, endless “event” storylines that dominate the X-Men, and Avengers universes. It's probably only a matter of time until it either gets popular enough to be incorporated into the Bendis event machine, or cancelled due to not meeting unreasonable sales expectations.

So enjoy it now.