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She got more than she planned from this one night stand in Contracted



The horror genre has always been one that not only sports numerous sub-genres as well that makes for some interesting films. Sadly that also means there are tons of them being released all the time with most of them not having all that much to deliver. The latest, Contracted looks to do something a bit different according to the trailers, but is it able to bring it all together and take hold or will you feel like just another disease that needs to be treated?

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Contracted follows a young girl who has sex with a stranger at a party and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease, but is actually something much worse. The first half of the film is pretty slow and doesn’t really stand out much. The opening is just subtle enough to set things up, but if you blink you will miss it. As the film moves forward it becomes a bit more intriguing as the transformation begins. The film works better because it never tries to force and explanation, but rather lets it just happen. It allows a slow build to lead the charge that works well as it not only becomes a physical transformation, but also and emotional one that makes for a twisted tale. There is never a wasted supernatural or scientific story arc, but instead keeps the focus on her decent into whatever is taking over her. There were some pretty creepy yet cool choices for the look and things that happen that takes on some real life aspects making all the more disturbing. The film has some gruesome moments, but manages to not need to go full gore fest to make it effective, but instead takes some subtle approaches with stronger effects. Most notably a sex scene that has a money shot that you will not soon forget.

This ended up being a great slow build horror film that brings a lot to the table but takes its time to let it grow instead of forcing it on you just because. The ending may irritate some thanks to the lack of explanation, but leaves it in a way that just works and allows you to create your own idea of what happened all while leaving an opening for a sequel. This is one of those movies that will be one you either like or don’t like so grab a copy and decide for yourself.

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