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Sharp Aquos Quattron 90 Inch Led TV Review

Sharp 90 Inch TV Review
Sharp 90 Inch TV Review

Sharp Aquos 90 Inch TV


We all know Sharps 90 Inch LED TV is the largest on today's market. With a price tag of around $8000.00 dollars there really is a huge jump in cost when compared to its 80 inch equivalent, which is currently available for more than half the price. Do the maths and that's a massive $4500.00 dollars extra for 10 inches of screen, ask yourself does size really matter that much.

First off this 90 inch TV is available in two models, the series-6 (Sharp LC-90LE657) and the series -7 (LC-90LE745) so lets take a look at what features these sets bring to the table as well as the extras the series 7 offers.

Aquos Series-6 & 7 Features

  • Aquos 1080p resolution with full array LED back-light panel

Advanced pixel precision crafted with photo-alignment technology to deliver improved HD images. This technology allows more light through in bright scenes and shuts more light out in dark scenes. The AQUOS 1080p LED Display with a 4 million: 1 contrast ratio creates a legendary picture quality that is so real, you can clearly see the difference.

  • Sharp's intuitive Smart TV with Dual-Core Processor & built in Wi-Fi

Allows you to quickly connect to your favorite content wherever. Using the built-in Wi-Fi, you can instantly access unlimited number of apps with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, stream movies, music, games, and your favorite websites in a smart way. The Dual-core processor in this case enhances faster load times for apps and the web browser enabling users to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying these incredible features.

  • AQUOMotion 240

Still means 120Hz refresh rate, the refresh rate helps reduce blurring in faster moving action or sport scenes, refresh rates are offered in 60, 120 and 240 Hz. Don't be fooled into thinking its 240 Hz. Read more about this subject here.

  • Ultra slim design

Astonishingly high quality, slim-bezel brushed aluminum frame that's uniquely designed to be thinner around the screen and slimmer in depth, with a stunning sleek finish that includes well rounded stands and a silver plated O-shaped stand designed to fit just about anywhere.

  • Wallpaper mode

Amazingly allows previously installed artwork images or pictures stored in USB memory to display on the screen at a minimal light level that mirrors museum conditions. This easily allows a TV screen to blend magically into your room’s decor using a tremendously low level of power consumption.

  • 2 x 10W Audio

For high fidelity with clear voice technology that produces better than average audio, The speakers have been compromised to allow for the extremely thin design.

Sharp AQUOS 7-Series 3D LE757

  • Quattron Color Intensification

One of the beautiful features of Sharp AQUOS Quattron 7-series 3D TVs is the ability to use quattron color technology that delivers billions of different colors and blend well with high-tech pixel structure. Quattron color technology adds a yellow pixel to the standard red-green-blue sub-pixel structure, thus offering smoother lines, greater detail, brighter yellows, deeper blues and richer golds. This ensures clearer and brighter graphics supported by high definition resolution.

  • Aquomotion 480

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 7-series 3D TVs that enables back end panel to efficiently utilize refresh rates that ensure smooth relay of signals while maintaining a uniform display on your TV screen.

  • 240 Hz panel

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 7-series 3D TV has a powerful display processing panel of 240Hz that guarantees users clear sound and image visibility with no blurriness and causes no fatigue to the eyes of the viewer.

  • 35W Audio with Built-in Sub-Woofer

With 2 x 15W audio and a 15W sub-woofer this TV also uses state of art technology called Yahama DSP technology. The technology utilizes deep sound processing technique that oozes richer audio clarity.

  • Active 3D with two Bluetooth 3D glasses supplied

Included are Bluetooth 3D glasses (x2)

Verdict: This Sharp 90 inch monster will definitely be worth the money if the price dropped a little more I think $8000.00 is a little pricey, wise buyers will wait for the Sharp 90 inch TV price to drop a little more.

The 3D viewing is very good, the size of the screen plays a big part in this, bringing an excellent viewing experience. When viewing this TV side on it does lose contrast and color saturation a little with black levels decreasing. The SmartCentral interface is quite responsive due to its dual core processor and comes with Skype software built in the web cam is sold separately

Expect this TV to be available for under $6000.00 in the up and coming festive sales.

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